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Golf is not a sport to be taken lightly as there are so many accessories attached to this sport that one has to be fully equipped in order to play this game. Buying a golf trolley is very important as it can help the player saving time and energy as one does not have to carry the golf caddy himself if he purchases one.

The golf trolley is basically designed to carry the golf clubs and other accessories from one point to the other. These are perfect for placing the entire golf caddy equipment, putter and other things with it, so that you don't have to drag the heavy stuff or consume energy in pushing or pulling the caddy.

The real revolution however is the introduction of electric golf trolley, which combines all the benefits of a traditional trolley and upgrades them with electrically powered motor system. The best part is that the motor attached to the trolley is noiseless so there are no annoying sounds when it operated.

The electric golf trolley can be operated on various speeds and can be adjusted to suit the need of the owner. Its cruise control function allows the machine to maintain the speed at a constant level regardless of the inclination of the area. Electronically controlled breaks are also installed in the golf trolley along with other amazing features such as auto start and shut down if idle for too long, programming options are also available to modify the settings.

It even allows you to disengage the electronic system and use it like a normal trolley. The trolley has three wheels and a highly adjustable handle which make it easier for you to operate the trolley. The latest electric trolleys come with waterproof scoreboard and special compartments for the tee and smaller accessories. With an electric trolley you can make your golfing experience memorable and amazing.


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This article was published on 2010/10/12